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When Can You Unstake Ethereum?

When can you unstake Ethereum? Unstaking Ethereum involves the process of releasing locked funds within the blockchain network. Ethereum staking, a pivotal aspect of its blockchain ecosystem, allows users to participate in the network's consensus mechanism by locking up a certain amount of Ethereum.

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When Can You Unstake Ethereum?

When can you unstake Ethereum? This is the question that crypto fans are asking more and more. As cryptocurrencies keep changing, it's important to understand the differences between staking and unstaking Ethereum.

That's why this article from The Crypto Basic, the best place to get crypto news, aims to shed light on the subject and make things clearer for people who are new to crypto coins and staking.

What Does It Mean To Unstake Ethereum?

Close-Up of Ethereum Coins
Close-Up of Ethereum Coins

When you un-stake Ethereum, you withdraw your staked ETH along with any rewards you've won. It's the opposite of staking, where you claim back your staked Ethereum.

Unstaking became possible when the Shapella upgrades (Shanghai and Capella upgrades) were finished after The Merge. These upgrades let users get back the money they staked and access their staking prizes.

When Can I Unstake Ethereum?

From April 13, 2023, the Ethereum Foundation says you will be able to remove your stake in Ethereum (ETH). Many people who have staked their ETH are wondering, "When can I unstake Ethereum?" This news is important for them.

You can get back to your ETH after "unstaking" it, which means taking it out of the staking contract. People who want to move their ETH to a different bank or use it for something else must follow this process. But you should know that unstaking your ETH doesn't happen right away, and you have to wait a while before you can get to your money.

Unstake Your Ethereum (ETH)

Now you can take back your stake in Ethereum (ETH). The Ethereum Foundation told everyone about this change.

The Merger And The Shapella Upgrades

The Ethereum network switched from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) in September 2022. This made the network more scalable and used less energy. This change is called "The Merge."

Understand Your Options After The Shapella Upgrade

If you want to keep holding your ETH, you don't need to do anything anymore. Even after the upgrade, your staked assets will still earn awards and be safe. If you want to remove your ETH from risk, make sure your app is up-to-date (at least version 2.84.0).

A Stack of Ethereum Coins
A Stack of Ethereum Coins

How To Unstake Ethereum On Coinbase?

Here's what you need to do to remove your Ethereum stake from Coinbase:

  • Visit and log in to your account.
  • Pick up the "Portfolio" tab.
  • Click on the thing that says "Ethereum" (ETH).
  • Press the "Unstake" button.
  • Type in how much ETH you want to remove from your stake.
  • To be sure, click the "Unstake" button again.

It will take a few days for the ETH to show up in your account after you remove the stake. The ETH will not be bound to anything during this time. This means you can't use the ETH or move it to a different bank.

The ETH will be in your account and ready to use as soon as it has been unbounded. When you unstake Ethereum on Coinbase, there are a few fees that you need to pay. These fees cover:

  • A Network Fee - The Ethereum network charges this fee to handle the unstaked transaction.
  • A Coinbase Fee - Coinbase charges a fee to remove Ethereum from a stake. At the moment, the fee is 0.01% of the ETH you remove from your stake.

It's important to remember that the process of unstaking can't be undone. You can't unstake your ETH again after you've already done it.

The Process Of Unstaking Ethereum

Because unstaking Ethereum can't be undone, it's important to think about it carefully. Here's what you need to know:

Irreversible Requests

It's important to know that once you start the unstaking process for your Ethereum, you can't take it back.

You can't stop or undo the request to unstake your ETH once you've sent it. This stresses how important it is to think about and fully understand the effects of unstaking before moving forward with it.

Rewards During Unstaking

You might still be able to get awards while your Ethereum is becoming less staked. Most of the time, these benefits are earned up until the unstaked initiation point. But the details can be different if you're using a different staking protocol or platform.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of your staking deal to know how benefits are handled when you stop staking.


There are a lot of things that can change the time it takes to unstake Ethereum, such as the staking protocol, network conditions, and the site you're using.

There is usually a waiting time after unstaking during which your Ethereum stays locked and can't be withdrawn. This time frame can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even longer, so be patient and make plans ahead of time when you start the unstaking process.

Reward Unlocking

Once the time for unstaking is over and your Ethereum can be withdrawn, any rewards that were earned during that time should also be opened and available.

Depending on the rules of the platform, these rewards may be added immediately to your unstacked Ethereum balance or kept separate. Once you're unlocked, you can take out your unstacked Ethereum and any benefits that go with it. You can then use or trade them as you please.

Ethereum Coin Standing against a Blue Background
Ethereum Coin Standing against a Blue Background

Technical Aspects Of Unstaking Ethereum

The Shapella Upgrades

By making changes to both the Execution Layer (called "Deneb" in this case, where smart contracts and transactions happen) and the Consensus Layer (called "Cancun" in this case, where network security and validator operations happen), the Shapella improvements made it possible for people to stop taking on the Ethereum network.

Types Of Unstacking

Full unstacking in Ethereum means leaving the active validator set and getting back the initial stake plus any rewards that have been earned. Partial unstacking happens automatically when a validator's balance goes over 32 ETH, and the extra money is sent to the validator's address.

Exit Process

To fully unstake, you must first exit the validator set. The time it takes to exit depends on how many validators are waiting in line. After the exit, there is a cooldown time before the ETH can be unstacked.

How Long Does It Take To Unstake Ethereum?

A validator must have left the active set before they can unstake Ethereum. It takes an average of 12.1 seconds to process 16 requests per block at this point. The Ethereum community as a whole sets these 16 calls per block.

Because there are so many requests, the Ethereum Foundation says the time it takes to handle them will vary. Taking care of 400,000 requests will take about 3.5 days, and taking care of 800,000 requests will take about 7 days.

However, the network doesn't always pick up unsolicited requests at the same time. This depends on how many requests there are and how long the exit queue is. Because of this, the total time it takes to process unstaking requests can range from weeks to months, based on these factors.

Golden Cryptocurrency Coins
Golden Cryptocurrency Coins

Risks And Considerations In Unstaking Ethereum

Market Volatility

When people un-stake Ethereum, they leave their holdings open to market instability, which means that the value of Ethereum can change without warning.

If the market goes down while buyers are unstaking, they may get less money back than when they first staked. This instability means that you could lose money if the value of Ethereum drops a lot before you finish unstaking.

Loss Of Staking Rewards

If you un-stake Ethereum too soon, you might lose the rewards you earned by staking. By taking part in the network's consensus process, you can earn stake rewards. If you unstake before the due date, you might lose these rewards.

Holders should think about what they could have done instead of missing out on these rewards, especially if they take their stakes down before the end of the staking time.

Network Congestion

If the network is busy, unstaking Ethereum might take longer or cost more during those times. More activity on the Ethereum blockchain can cause the network to become congested, which can slow down transaction processing times and possibly make gas fees go up.

Holders should be aware that there may be delays when unstacking during busy times so that they don't get frustrated and can get to their unstated funds on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can You Unstake Ethereum On Coinbase?

On Coinbase, you can unstake Ethereum at any time.

When Can I Withdraw Staked Ethereum?

Withdrawal of staked Ethereum on Coinbase is typically available after the unstaking process.

When Can I Unstake My Ethereum On Binance?

On Binance, the unstaking of Ethereum can usually be done at any time.


When you ask, When can you unstake Ethereum? It's important to remember that you can't quickly un-stake your Ethereum. Even though the Ethereum Foundation has set a date for unstaking, it could change. After the checker leaves the active set, you have to wait a while before you can access your funds.

It takes time to handle unstaking requests based on the number of requests and the length of the exit line. So, to make sure the unstaking process goes smoothly, you should be patient and keep up with any news from the Ethereum Foundation.

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