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Is Cardano Dead?

Is Cardano dead? This question echoes across various online forums and discussions as enthusiasts, investors, and skeptics alike ponder the fate of Cardano. Despite the ongoing debates, Cardano remains a prominent name in the cryptocurrency sphere. The notion of Cardano's demise is met with both curiosity and concern within the community.

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Is Cardano Dead?

Numerous obstacles have arisen during Cardano's voyage through the cryptocurrency market, casting doubt on the company's viability and future. The native currency of Cardano, the ADA coin, has seen a sharp drop in value since its peak.

It's not quite accurate to say that Cardano is "dead" despite this decline. The blockchain is still in use today, with a community and development team dedicated to its progress. It is well-known for its scientific methodology and emphasis on security and sustainability. In the following article, you will learn more about “Is Cardano dead?”

What Is Cardano?

Blue Ball
Blue Ball

Cardano's path through the cryptocurrency market has been fraught with difficulties, casting doubt on the company's viability and direction. Since reaching its peak, the price of Cardano's native token, the ADA coin, has significantly decreased.

The idea that Cardano is "dead" is not entirely accurate, notwithstanding this decline. With a community and development team dedicated to its progress, the blockchain which is well-known for its scientific methodology and focus on sustainability and security remains active.

The State Of Cardano

Although Cardano has seen severe market conditions, the project's development efforts point to a resilience that is worth considering.

Market Outcomes

A fall in the cryptocurrency market in 2022 had an impact on most digital assets, including Cardano (ADA). Its price dropped from its peak by more than 90%. Cardano, which is valued at $16 billion, kept its market share despite this fall.

Cardano still attracts investor attention despite lower price points and market volatility; it is now among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Development Activity

Cardano's development effort shows that it is still committed to improving technology and sticking to its roadmap. Cardano has demonstrated a steady speed in its development cycles, in contrast to many other projects that could stagnate during bear markets.

According to reports, the entire value locked up in its network is estimated to be around $328 million. This degree of activity indicates that the project's core team is actively pursuing its objectives and responding to the changing needs of the industry.

Blue Sky
Blue Sky

Cardano Price Prediction

Price Prediction 2024

The hints of a bullish reversal in Cardano's price have the market abuzz with confidence. Strong support for the uptrend is provided by the overhead resistance trendline breakout, which is further supported by the weekly chart's bullish rally that produced nine straight bullish candles.

Cardano's recovery is aided by the continued backing of whales, an increase in the volume of significant transactions, and the general expansion of the DeFi industry. The price of the Cardano coin can maintain this trend and rise in 2024 given the impending favorable occurrences. The recent breakout rally and the trend reversal are the critical entry points for the recovery rally, which will prove to be significant.

Ada Price Prediction 2025

2025 may be a year of expansion for ADA, with prices possibly ranging from a low of $1.81 to a high of $2.42. Over this time frame, the average price might be $2.115.

Ada Price Prediction 2026

It is anticipated that ADA will see more price increases in 2026, with a potential range of $2.76 to $3.30. Over this time frame, the average price might be $3.03.

Ada Price Prediction 2027

According to the estimate, ADA's value could experience an additional increase by 2027, with a possible price range of $4.56 to $5.03. Over this time frame, the average price might be $4.79.

Ada Price Prediction 2028

The price of ADA may increase or decrease in 2028, maybe between $5.29 and $5.73. Over this time, the average price might be $5.51.

Ada Price Prediction 2029

The price of ADA is expected to rise between $6.68 and $7.79 by 2029. Over this time frame, the average price may be $7.235.

Ada Price Prediction 2030

ADA's price is expected to skyrocket between $9.12 and $10.32 by 2030. During this time, the average cost might be $9.72.

Coin In Network Lines
Coin In Network Lines

Cardano Dead Or Alive - Why Is Ada Price Not Affected By Bullish Market Sentiment?

The optimistic outlook for the market has not had as much of an impact on the price of ADA as it has on certain other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. There can be several causes for this:

  • Lack of Mainstream Adoption- The Cardano network and the ADA coin have grown, but they haven't yet attained the same degree of widespread use as some of their rivals. This can be the result of insufficient promotion and collaborations with big businesses.
  • Competitors- Other blockchain platforms, like Ethereum, which has a robust ecosystem and a sizable development community, pose a serious threat to Cardano. In the fiercely competitive cryptocurrency field, Cardano might find it difficult to acquire traction against more established companies.
  • Delayed Upgrades - The Alonzo update, which will allow smart contracts to be developed on the Cardano blockchain, is one of the network updates that the Cardano team has been working on. However because these modifications have been postponed multiple times, investor confidence in the project may have suffered.

There are still causes for optimism regarding Cardano's future notwithstanding these difficulties. The Cardano team is committed to developing a blockchain platform that is sustainable and scalable, which may draw in developers and companies who are seeking to create decentralized apps.

Furthermore, as it will allow for the creation of smart contracts and other cutting-edge capabilities, the impending Alonzo update has the potential to completely transform the Cardano ecosystem.

Why Is Cardano Down?

There were a lot of reasons involved in the 2022 Cardano (ADA) meltdown. many of which are intimately connected to the causes of the larger cryptocurrency market meltdown in 2022. These fall into two categories: macroeconomic and crypto-related.

Perhaps the most significant factor unique to cryptocurrencies was the breakdown of the Terra ecosystem in May 2022. The collapse of a $60 billion ecosystem that featured many decentralized stablecoins, decentralized applications (dApps), and the LUNC utility token rocked the crypto markets, which were already in steep fall at the time.

Earlier this month, the second-biggest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, collapsed in a couple of days and declared bankruptcy on November 11, dealing a serious blow to the cryptocurrency industry. Because of FTX's multiple collaborations and investments throughout the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the consequences of its failure could be far more extensive than those of the Terra ecosystem's collapse in May.

The Cardano team made every effort to expand on the project's solid roots despite unfavorable market conditions. September 2022. The Vasil update was released by Cardano developers, and it improved smart contracts and enhanced the Cardano network in general. the much-anticipated update, the cost of ADA tokens kept falling sharply.

Crypto Graphs
Crypto Graphs

Concerns Around Cardano

Analyzing competitors is one of the simplest and most direct methods for assessing any business. Therefore, it is worthwhile to investigate some of Cardano's competitors (or possibly outperformers) to determine whether or not Cardano is dead.

Supporters frequently refer to Cardano as an "Ethereum killer," a moniker that is usually reserved for next-generation blockchain initiatives that seek to address the intrinsic problems that the Ethereum network faces. Although those who brand themselves "Ethereum killers" hope to surpass or compete with Ethereum in the future, Cardano is perhaps the least desirable option. The explanations make sense.

Smart Contract Delay

Via this use case, rival networks like Polygon, Solana, and BNB Chain have already onboarded millions of users and implemented smart contract capabilities. On the other hand, Cardano only unveiled smart contracts in September 2021, even though it launched several years before these rivals.


Regarding speed, Cardano isn't outperforming its rivals by much. Of course, Cardano's stated throughput of about 257 transactions per second (TPS) greatly outpaces Ethereum's 10–15 tps cap. But in contrast to the over 300 TPS on BNB Chain and the over 2000 TPS on Solana, it is nothing.

Developer Experience

Blockchain networks usually grow by hiring developers to create user-attracting apps. By far the most popular programming language for blockchain engineers over the past ten years has been Solidity, which is focused on Ethereum.

Gold And Black Coin
Gold And Black Coin

Cardano Dead - Challenges And Controversies

Cardano (ADA) has seen its fair share of difficulties and controversies, which have affected how investors and the cryptocurrency community see the company. The Cardano network's scalability is one major worry.

Cardano has faced criticism for not meeting its lofty aims of creating a blockchain that is more scalable and safe quickly enough. The plodding pace of development has exacerbated annoyances and raised doubts about the network's capacity to manage a larger volume of transactions effectively.

The move by trading platform eToro to delist the cryptocurrency in the US caused another issue around Cardano. Due to this action, the price of ADA fell precipitously, and concerns were raised over its utility and liquidity.

In addition, there are differing opinions within the cryptocurrency community about Cardano's development schedule. Some people see the rigorous, peer-reviewed research process that serves as the foundation for Cardano's updates and developments as being unduly conservative.

Although this methodical approach guarantees stability and dependability, it may impede quick innovation, which adds to the impression that Cardano is not keeping up with its rivals. Here are a few of the main objections:

  • Inability to advance development quickly.
  • insufficient scalability of the network.
  • Delisting from major trading sites.

What’s Next For Cardano?

As the Basho period comes to an end, Cardano is on the verge of its heyday. With years of development from some of the best brains in the business, Cardano has shown to be a truly decentralized network that upholds the core principles of cryptocurrencies.

Moving into the Volatire age and the network's decentralized future are the next steps for Cardano. But with so many alternative layer-one blockchains vying for supremacy, Cardano's methodical, research-driven strategy will outperform its rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cardano Have A Future?

Yes, Cardano has potential for growth with ongoing developments and adoption.

Will Cardano Ever Recover?

Cardano's recovery depends on market dynamics and project milestones.

Is Cardano Alive?

Cardano remains active with ongoing development and community engagement.

Can Ada Reach $10?

ADA reaching $10 depends on various factors including market conditions and adoption rates.


Is Cardano dead, nothing is definite, but it is unlikely that Cardano will die. But as of right now, it appears that it might take several months or perhaps years before Cardano retests its prior ATH. Thus, this post will be useful to you if you're wondering if Cardano has passed away.

On the other hand, Cardano highlights its collection of robust decentralized applications, like Liqwid, Indigo, and Minswap. It's critical to realize that the term "zombie chain," which some supporters of competing networks have attributed to Cardano, may be ignoring Cardano's lofty goals and continuous advancements in the blockchain space.

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